Hot Yoga Life Now Open at Adelaide Meridien Hotel

The new onsite yoga studio, located on the fourth floor of the Adelaide Meridien Hotel, is operated by Hot Yoga Life and their team of trained instructors.

Hot Yoga Life offers contemporary yoga classes in a heated studio available to Adelaide Meridien guests, Hot Yoga Life members and visitors. A range of casual visit passes and memberships are available. Advance bookings for class times are recommended.

Currently there are three types of classes on offer at the Adelaide yoga studio; Warm Flow, HYL Hot and Hot Vinyasa.

Class Timetable

Start Time Classes Teacher Duration
EVENING 6:00pm Warm Flow Riannah Roach 75 minutes
EVENING 7:30pm HYL Hot Liliana Bruno-Parissos 60 minutes
MORNING 6:00am Hot Vinyasa Riannah Roach 60 minutes
EVENING 6:00pm HYL Hot Adrienne Niven 75 minutes
EVENING 7:30pm
Warm Flow Bailey Keatley 60 minutes
MORNING 6:00am
Power Vinyasa Michael Howard 60 minutes
EVENING 6:00pm Warm Flow Rosalind Hill 75 minutes
EVENING 7:30pm Hot Vinyasa Riannah Roach 60 minutes
MORNING 6:00am Warm Flow Rosalind Hill 60 minutes
EVENING 6:00pm Yo-Pilates Colleen Brown 75 minutes
EVENING 7:30pm
Meditate Carrie Faggotter 90 minutes
MORNING 6:00am  HYL Hot  Adrienne Niven  60 minutes
MORNING 8:15am Warm Flow Liliana Bruno-Parissos 60 minutes
MORNING 9:30am HYL Hot Colleen Brown 75 minutes
MORNING 9:30am  HYL Hot  Riannah Roach  75 minutes

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Warm Flow is a great class for beginners and those that are reintroducing themselves to yoga. The class is performed in a room heated to 28 degrees, breathing and techniques are the focus allowing individuals to master the basic.

HYL Hot class focuses on improving strength, flexibility and power whilst performing a series of dynamic sequences in a room heated to 35 degrees.

Hot Vinyasa takes place in a heated room of 35 degrees, and is a high calorie burning class connecting breath to movement. The aim of the class is to improve your strength, power and overall fitness.

Meditate is a guided meditation and relaxation class run by Carrie from Manifestation Divine. Through meditation, the mind settles down to a state of pure awareness, beyond thought. Our body rests, in many ways deeper than sleep, which allows accumulated stress to be released. Ultimately it allows us to awaken our spiritual potential and find lasting joy and contentment. Our guided group meditation and relaxation class gives you the gift of time. Please bring a pillow to this class.

Power Vinyasa a flowing vinyasa class designed for strength flexibility and power  in a warm room heated to 28 degrees.

Yo-Pilates a mix of floor based Pilates and yoga  in a warm room heated to 35 degrees.

There are many benefits that can be gained from practicing yoga regularly. AHot Life Yoga Logoll Adelaide yoga classes take place in the heated studio which allows you to work deeper and safely whilst promoting the detoxification process of the body.

Bookings are recommended to secure your place and can be made online through the Hot Yoga Life website. You may choose to pay by cash or card on arrival, however, please note that if you have not made a booking your place in the class is not guaranteed. Yoga mats available for hire $2 each.

Guests staying at the Adelaide Meridien will receive a 10% discount off a casual visit pass, please speak to our reception team for more information.

For further details about Adelaide yoga classes please visit the Hot Yoga Life website, phone 0421 633 102 or email

Please note: Class instructors may be altered due to availability, check the Hot Yoga Life website for instructor details.

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